Journal: find a place to be with God.

To find a place to be with God.

There are many challenges, struggle and adventures awaiting me everyday. While I spent today in the office crammed with paperwork, I am reminded of things yet to do. It seems the whole world is caught up in busy, including me.

True spirituality is a heart matter, where we pause to be in the presence of God. All the rushing around that we can not avoid seems normal but I am not so sure these days.

Maybe it is more about being in the moment. That place where quiet breathing opens our eyes to the now. We can do it in shopping lines where we wait. I call that the pregnant pause, where we breathe and center for a moment. It can be a walk in nature, or a time of centering prayer.

This time of centering brings us in to the present with God. In these quiet moments I am known and know. God is revealed and I pause, in the presence of God.

I have been drifting from this and it is time to come home to the present ,moment with God. Maybe you feel the same. Would you be interested in teaching about centering prayer?



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