Journal: A Documentary: Vietnam

The documentary on Vietnam was powerful and painful. This series struck a chord deep within me. I remember those days in my youth when all of this was going on. None of my friends that went into the service came back the same. The change within them was very deep.

 The first year of the lottery, I was number 1.  I was thankful that I was not old enough. I was fearful about being in war, and I was glad I was not eligible. A friend, Stan, went and when he came home, I really didn’t know him anymore. I saw him once and then never again. Even as a young man, I knew Stan wasn’t himself anymore. War changes a person.

 I saw in through documentary that politics has not changed a whole lot. Similar protesting and violence still continues. Also, getting the truth instead of what some politicians and others want you to hear and believe is extremely difficult. They say facts don’t lie. That can depend on who is counting and what the criteria looks like.

 When the documentary got to the wall, I lost it and was crying and sobbing for the vets, and loss of life. It further hit me deep inside the horror and the depth of pain in war. I felt anguish for those who died and those who came home. Further, how we promised things and lied to many, which ultimately cost human life.

 This is Monday. A few days after this documentary, I still feel that pain, as I know many who went through this time do. We have got to change the way we do things, starting now. We cannot treat others this way.

The same behavior exists in the U.S.A. today. I feel like we are on the edge. Everybody has a truth and they share it loud and proud! I am not sure we have asked all the right questions, and understand all the consequences of what we call truth and actions. Maybe it is time to pause, take a few breaths and realize we are all human. Then each, in his or her own way, should pray for the help we will need to move forward. In closing, I say to all Vets—thank you for your service.

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