Journal: David gets a kidney!

Today is a day of rejoicing!!!

My friend David received a new kindney yesterday.  My heart is filled with applause today for the grace of God and the blessing upon his life. He has been praying and hopeful for years. May people prayed and our prayers  have been answered. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

We know that someone has lost their life for this blessing. To the family that grieves today we pray for your grief.  While nothing we can say will replace your loss, your families gift has saved a good man and a worthy man. I want to take a moment to further thank the individual  who is in heaven and his or her family today.


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  1. Wanda says:

    Thank you, Frank. I’ve been asking everyone to remember the donor and their family in their prayers. We are forever grateful.

    1. journeysteps7 says:

      You are welcome. We care and love all. What a gift you have received.

      Go to the webpage and click on the follow button. Thanks

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