Podcast 6: A life of faith with pancreatic Cancer

Living your life in faith and trusting God to heal you can be a difficult experience with  pancreatic Cancer. Barb and Al are walking in their journey of faith and life along this path. They are sharing what they believe and what the journey looks like so far. I am very inspired by their lives and faith


2 comments on “Podcast 6: A life of faith with pancreatic Cancer”
  1. Stan says:

    They are married 60 years and testify to their love, devotion and faithfulness to each other and the Lord. Each for the other and both for the Lord. Now this dear lady is praying for the Lord to heal her pancreas cancer. Her faith is strong, she spends much time each day in God’s Word and believes God can heal her. I’m reminded 80% + of all cancer patients are healed of cancer and restored to good health. Only 1 out of 5 cancer patients experience difficulties or death. An amazing difference from a few years ago. The ultimate healing is going to be when we go to be with the Lord where sorrow, sickness, pain, suffering, tears and heart ache are no more.

  2. journeysteps7 says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I know them also and praise God for their witness and what I call being real in their faith. Please like us on Facebook or visit this webpage and view some of our other podcasts.

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