Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer Seminar

Often our lives can be chaotic and stress driven where we can not find peace. Centering prayer is an opportunity in prayer to be able to quiet your life and find peace and grace for the journey.
I am developing a seminar on centering prayer, an opportunity to sit in a quiet place and focus on God, which will help you to gain focus and calm in your life.

I am producing a video seminar to teach you the basics with times for you to experience how this works. Along with that, I will off 2 or 4 sessions through the internet that we could have a one on one meeting together. The cost of the package will be as follows:

The Seminar and two one on one sessions is $49.00
The Seminar and four one on one meetings will be $59.00

I will be recommending a book that you can purchase if you wish but you do not need it to gain the basics. If you have any questions, you can send a message through facebook or email at

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