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This was written to pastors by Daryl Rainbow. I went to College with this man and met his Father through Teen Challenge. I don’t want my church to view this as if I am in a difficult situation but rather a sound piece of advice for all of the saints of God. It reminded me of what my life should be like.

Dear Pastor in a Difficult Place; Many years ago as I was in a pastoral place of dynamic church decline following dynamic church growth, I called my dad who was a pastor for many years. He said: Daryl, “God is more concerned about you becoming a man of God than He is your ministry.” He didn’t say that in the context of minimizing the ministry/call of God. He was very strong on that subject. But what he said sure strengthens your resolve and keeps your heart and mind fixed on who you are in Him no matter what place in ministry you find yourself. Becoming a Man/Woman of God must never change just as the Call of God never changes. It’s who you are. You’re foundation, building material and finished work of God concerning you and affecting your family. Your faithful service/sacrifice of love and joy is the aroma of Christ that He is pleased with. Being a Man/Woman of God or Called of God is not dependent upon a location, rejection or acceptance or the result of anothers will or decision making. As difficult as what you may be facing is, clarity and confidence in this is key. There will always be people to pastor (if not, go out and make some right where you are) and places to go. But you are only one choice called man/woman of God. I’m sure you’ve asked with a confident faith for His wisdom. Therefore you have it available in great measure! Be strong and very courageous in Him was declared 3 times to Joshua in 1:1-11. He is with you! Sometimes something or expectations have to die before new direction, leadership or purpose is born again and given new life. Coming Alongside you serving Christ

* 2018 using with permission from Coming Alongside Ministries, Inc.

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