How did 9/11 touch your life?

Here was my day. I was up getting ready for the gym. My son Josh was off because of an in-service day. Someone called and said turn your tv on and hung up. As I did, I saw what was going on and stood for hours in front of the TV shocked. Glued to the TV waiting for any information, I was concerned for those who were trapped and expected to hear the announcement we are going to war.

Finally around one or two in the afternoon we went to the gym. I was interviewed by a reporter as to my feelings. I was not interested in him and couldn’t stay there. I called a prayer meeting for the evening and attempted to contact the family.

I had a funeral the next day and was preparing for that and learned that two parishioners were in harm’s way. One at the Pentagon and the other at the towers. The soldier at the Pentagon was on the other side of the building and was safe. The person at the towers forgot something for his meeting and went back to the hotel and missed being in the towers. He was scheduled for a meeting at the time the planes were to hit.

My life changed that day because the seas dried up and the world got smaller as I learned that we were vulnerable. It reminded me of Pearl Habor too, and I waited to hear war declared. My emotions were numb at the carnage and death while my heart ached and then anger at the sounds of joy from the Middle East at all this destruction.

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