No victories Today

There are no victories today. There are broken people and politics. Dr. Ford, I thank you for your courage in sharing your pain and life. How difficult this must have been for you. The struggles your life has taken because of this is deeply regrettable. How it has impacted your life and family is a nightmare.  May the truth be revealed. Again we will pray for you.

Judge Kavanaugh how difficult to be accused of such things. To be so close to a life goal with all of these allegations becomes a hollow journey. You and your family have shared much pain and humiliation as your character is being destroyed. I am sorry to hear all of this, and regardless of the vote you will bear marks of damage and doubt which will influence the things you can do in the future. May the truth be revealed.

The United States will forever bear a scare for how we handle things. Politics and party from both sides damage this country. USA I am sorry you are going through this. Being pulled to judge guilt and punishment based upon politics instead of truth and character. We are a divided nation that spends its time hating, judging and hurting others who do not agree.  May the fact in this situation be revealed.

This has become a way of life. If you are like me, you have sins that need forgiveness. Let us not rush to judgment, agree to disagree and honestly love others. I speak here to Christians, for it a commandment from Christ. I talk to those who practice other religions or no religion at all because it is a better way to live.

In all of this none of us can cast the first stone. We are all in need of love and grace. May truth and Character be revealed.

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