Be careful what you want, you may get it.

I remember as a young man at a college graduation party for a friend. As I watch friends and family honor her, I noticed that she was making a choice which would open one door and close another.

I looked at my own life choices I had made. With some of those choices, I would never be the same again. I could not begin anew as if I had a clean slate. One thing I did do was get my masters degree. I went to Israel, Jordon, and Egypt. I followed the life of Paul into Italy, Greece, Turkey and many of the Islands in the Mediterian sea.

I went back into ministry and had continued to pastor churches for the last 23 years. There is a bright outlook ahead in ministry. I am planning another trip to the Holy Land soon if anyone is interested. That material will be coming out very soon. I am working on a new relaunch for my Podcast Steps Along the Journey for mid to the end of October.

What life choices will you be facing?

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